Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Getting things accomplished

Between Sunday and today, I
  • revised my price list, created a PDF of it, and linked it on my web page
  • created new gallery stickers for my canvases that will be showing at The Commissary
  • created a hanging diagram to show how the images should be hung
  • also ordered a sample of 10 mini-business-cards with photos on (thanks, Sandy!)

Now I've got to
  • create and print stickers to go on the backs of my postcards to get some eyeballs looking at the canvases
  • order more ink and a roll of canvas from Epson
  • get that darned CD for retailers finished
  • get some more publicity - try to get something in the cabbagetown-area weekly newspaper

  • finish writing and illustrating the seminar I will be giving to the Toronto Master Gardeners on Oct. 21st
  • print some of my floral images on canvas to take to TBG that day (I've got a table at which to sell my wares).

I've got under a month to do all the above.

Oh -- and write a cheque to the insurance company, now that they've dinged me an additional $345.60 for running a small business at home so they would give me exhibit insurance. I wish they'd get with the modern age and let me pay either directly from my bank account or via credit card.

Friday, September 08, 2006

On: beautiful light

Tonight, before sunset, the light outdoors was exquisite in the east end of Toronto.
There was a clear sky to the west, where the sun was setting, and a bank of clouds arranged *just so* to the east. The light from the sun, setting in the west, bounced off the clouds in the east, and down to ground level.

It illuminated everything the way we try to illuminate objects using gold reflectors.

Sometimes, it just happens.

Now it's raining. Glad I captured a shot of the back garden in this wonderful reflected light.

I was shooting toward the west: normally, that would mean that the plants would be in shadow. But because of the way the clouds reflected the light, there's a warm cast and very few shadows.

You can see that I had a slow shutter speed: the wind was already starting to pick up, and some branches and ferns were starting to move around in the breezes. But it's pretty interesting light, considered that I was shooting into the direction of the sunset.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


OK, the exhibit insurance has been approved. It may still be a couple of weeks until I get the paperwork.

On to the next step: drawing a hanging diagram for the show, and printing labels (the restauranteur will have one of his staff hang it).

Friday, September 01, 2006

Waiting for exhibit insurance


No word yet on whether I've been approved. Apparently it could take two more weeks, just to hear back. I've asked the broker if she can hurry the application along, because I'm waiting for approval so I can hang my photos.

She said she'll see what she can do.